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Padel Tennis London: The Top 7 New Destinations You Must Visit

Padel Tennis London: The Top 7 New Destinations You Must Visit


Do you live in or around London? Have you seen or heard of padel and you are dying to try it out? How big is padel tennis London? and can I play there? Absolutely! 

London offers a rapidly growing padel tennis scene with numerous top notch padel courts scattered throughout the city. Whether you’re a curious beginner or even a regular player, London has something for everyone when it comes to the world’s fastest growing sport, padel!

Is Padel Tennis London popular?

The short answer is yes, padel tennis is gaining immense popularity in London. The sport’s unique blend of tennis and squash elements, combined with its accessibility to a range of ages and levels of skill sets, has made it a hit among both sports players and newcomers. Padel courts in London can host players of all ages and skill levels, creating an accessible community.

Is padel growing in the UK?

Padel tennis is experiencing significant growth as seen across Europe and now the the UK. Padel London is at the forefront of this movement with new courts opening up all the time. More and more people are discovering the game, leading to an expansion of members, clubs, and tournaments. The sport’s easy learning curve and the sense of competitiveness it creates are contributing to its rapid growth in the country.

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So, which are the best courts in and around London?

If you’re looking to start your padel journey or want to try out some cool new spots for London padel tennis, here are the top 7 destinations.

  1. Rocket Padel, Ilford

Located in North West London, Rocket Padel offers 11 indoor panoramic padel courts that cater to players of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a regular player, you’ll find their well maintained facilities and friendly staff accommodating.

  1. Stratford Padel Club

Located in the heart of London, Stratford Padel Club is a padel hotspot with multiple courts and coaching options. It’s not just about playing, the club hosts regular tournaments which you can watch, creating an exciting and competitive atmosphere. Its indoor courts also provide optimal all year round playing!

  1. Padium Canary Wharf Padel Club

Padium Canary Wharf Padel Club, situated in the centre of the London financial sector, with its state of the art facilities and stunning city views, it really is a gem. Offering both indoor and outdoor courts, it’s perfect for year round enjoyment and relaxation after a day at work.

  1. Regents Park Padel

A journey into central London, Regents Park padel in York Bridge, provides a n exceptional padel experience amidst beautiful surroundings. Immerse yourself in the surroundings whilst you play.

  1. David Lloyd Clubs

With multiple branches across London, David Lloyd Clubs are synonymous with premium sports facilities, including padel courts. Their coaching programs and top notch facilities make them a popular choice for padel players and newcomers.

  1. The Padel Yard

Play padel in one of London’s newest and coolest padel spots. This outdoor facility at The Padel Yard allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the city view while engaging in thrilling matches. It’s a unique experience right near the city centre.

  1. Padel Social Club, Earls Court

Padel Social Club located in Earls Court has been a huge hit since its launch and is constantly full of padel lovers. Known for its strong padel community, it’s an excellent choice for those in London looking for outdoor padel courts.

As you explore these amazing courts padel tennis London offers, be sure to check their booking policies, membership options, and pricing to find the one that suits you best. Whilst you’re at it, check out Novor’s flagship padel racket to equip yourself with the best quality racket to aid you in getting the job done against your opponents. The padel tennis London scene has something to offer everyone so grab your Novor racket, bring your friends, and experience the thrill of padel tennis in the vibrant city of London.


Geoff Fourie

Managing Director