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Proud to Support the UK’s Largest University Padel Tournament

Proud to Support the UK’s Largest University Padel Tournament


At Novor, we are committed to growing university padel and making the sport more accessible across the UK. That’s why we were proud to sponsor the UK’s largest university padel event ever this weekend. This event was a major milestone for the growth of padel, bringing together players from three universities – Durham, Newcastle, and Edinburgh to compete in a tournament.

Supporting University Padel

The tournament took place at True Padel in Durham. Launched in January this year, this exciting venue has 9 indoor courts and is home to Durham’s university padel society. This tournament featured men’s, women’s, and mixed tournaments which took place over three hours. With over 100 players/spectators in attendance, the event had a great atmosphere with a DJ and bar, creating a lively & sociable environment.

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Our Role in the Event

As sponsors, we were pleased to provide Novor demo rackets for players without their own, allowing everyone to try out our flagship rackets – 361 RG. We also offered exciting prizes for winners and runners up in each category, adding to the day!

Recognising Our Ambassadors

A special thank you goes to our Novor University Ambassadors for their hard work in organising the event and contributing to the growth of university padel. Their commitment is essential for the future of the sport at universities across the country and we look forward to continuing to work with them.

A Word From Our Ambassadors:

Novor brand ambassador from Durham University – James Bonnor-Moris said this, “Three hours of Padel, over nine courts with 54 players — a logistical nightmare turned into a memorable evening with the help of many. With Red Bull DJs and new Novor rackets adding to the fun, it was an exciting day for players and crowds alike. I would like to send a massive thanks to the Newcastle and Edinburgh teams for coming down and True Padel for hosting. The first of many; let’s just hope Durham wins a few more trophies next time!” 

Novor brand ambassador from Edinburgh University – Barnaby Stephenson said this “For our first university padel fixture, we were over the moon with how the day went. From very competitive top seeded sides, to our ladies teams, to our mixed squad, it was amazing to see everyone playing with a smile on their faces (and good to come away with some wins).

Also a massive thanks to Novor Padel for sponsoring the event and kindly giving prizes to the winners. It was great to have the lads along and everyone loved being able to try out their new 361 RG racket. 

Overall, the event really set a great precedent for the UK student padel scene, and we’re excited for what’s to come in the future”

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Looking Ahead

This event showcased the potential of university padel in the UK. As we continue to sponsor and support university padel events, we aim to see even more competition and build a stronger university padel community, which is crucial for the sport’s growth.

Get Involved with Novor

At Novor, we provide high quality padel rackets and are committed to supporting the growth of padel across the UK. We are aiming to support universities as much as possible to keep the sport growing, so if you’re interested in joining us or learning more, please contact us for more information!

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Ryan Staveley

Managing Director