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Mastering Padel Tactics: Top 5 Strategies to Win Points

Mastering Padel Tactics: Top 5 Strategies to Win Points


Padel tactics are key to learn and practise in this dynamic and fast-paced racket sport. It’s rapidly gaining popularity across the globe means the the competition will continue to improve so knowing a few padel tactics to aid you in your game can be the difference between a win and a loss. Here are the top five tactics to help you secure victory on the court.

1. Padel Tactics: The Lob

One of the most effective padel tactics is the use of the lob. A well-executed lob can shift the momentum of the game by forcing your opponents to retreat from the net. This gives you and your playing partner the opportunity to regain control of the net position, which is crucial in padel as it is where most points are won.

How to Execute: Aim to hit the ball high and deep into the opponent’s court, ideally over their heads making them turn around, making it difficult for them to smash. This shot is particularly useful when your opponents are aggressively positioned at the net.

When to Use: Always try to use the lob when you find yourself under pressure, needing to reset your position, or wanting to disrupt your opponents’ rhythm.

2. Volleys: Dominating the Net

Dominating the net is a basic aspect of successful padel tactics. Volleys allow you to control the pace of the game and keep your opponents playing defensive shots. Well-placed volleys can put your opponents in difficult positions, forcing errors or weak returns which can be beneficial.

How to Execute: Keep your racket up and be prepared to move quickly. Focus on placing the ball strategically rather than hitting with too much power. Aim for angles or the feet of your opponents to make it harder for them to return the ball.

When to Use: Use volleys to maintain net dominance and apply pressure on your opponents, particularly after a strong serve or an effective approach shot.

Padel Tactics

3. Bandeja: The Defensive Smash

The bandeja, a defensive smash, is a well known shot in padel that combines elements of control and speed. It’s used to maintain offensive pressure while keeping the ball in play.

How to Execute: Position yourself slightly behind the net and execute a high, controlled shot aimed at your opponents’ back corner. This shot is normally played with a slice effect, making it bounce low and reducing the chance for your opponents to counterattack and returning the shot.

When to Use: The bandeja is best used when your opponents lob the ball, allowing you to maintain your net position while continuing the attack.

4. Chiquita: Disrupting Opponents’ Rhythm

The chiquita is a soft, low shot designed to land just past the net, making your opponents to move forward quickly. This tactic is great for breaking your opponents rhythm and creating openings.

How to Execute: Use a gentle, precise touch to direct the ball low over the net, targeting the feet or forcing your opponents to lift the ball. This shot requires practise and control rather than power.

When to Use: The chiquita is ideal during rallies when you want to change the pace or disrupt your opponents’ positioning.

5. Wall Play: Utilising the Glass

One of the unique features of padel tennis is the glass walls, which can be used strategically to your advantage. Understanding how to effectively play off the walls can give you an edge in long rallies.

How to Execute: Practice hitting the ball off the glass walls to create unpredictable angles and trajectories. This can confuse opponents and make it harder for them to anticipate your shots.

When to Use: Use wall play to extend rallies and create difficult angles for your opponents as well as play defensive shots when your opponents play awkward shots.

Mastering these top five padel tactics—the lob, volleys, bandeja, chiquita, and wall play—will enhance your game and increase your chances of winning points. Each tactic requires practice and precision, but with dedication, you can become a formidable player on the court. Check out the best tool to help you achieve this in the Novor 361 RG!

Geoff Fourie

Managing Director