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Proud To Be British: The Novor Story

The foundations of Novor began in 2016 when the London based founders, Ryan & Geoff, still in their college years, sat together in a business class. Their friendship matured in sync with their business ambition, leading them both to Bournemouth University in the UK. Now equipped with their degrees and a shared dream of starting their own enterprise, they stepped into the world of business.

Fast forward to 2023, and Novor was born. A proud London based manufacturer of premium padel rackets. Inspired by their shared passion for this rapidly growing sport, the founders identified an opportunity in the market to cater to an underserved demographic with high quality, affordable equipment. Employing the latest technology and selecting the finest raw materials, they crafted durable, superior products that makes padel more enjoyable and accessible.

For Novor, 2023 is merely the starting line. Fuelled by the ambition to scale at the same rate of the sport, with the vision to establish Novor as the UK’s top manufacturer, empowering vision. But Novor don’t just want to sell products, Novor want to build a community, inviting you to be part of the journey today. Experience our exceptional offerings, follow us on social media, and join the revolution in the world of padel.

Meet The Founders

Meet the driving forces behind Novor – Ryan & Geoff. Their mission? To provide high-quality, affordable padel tennis equipment and to develop the UK padel community, one product at a time. Welcome to their vision – welcome to Novor. 

Ryan Staveley


Co-founder & Managing Director

geoff fourie


Co-founder & Managing Director