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Unleash your potential with the Novor 361 RG Carbon Fibre Padel Racket! London's first padel racket! With a durable carbon fibre frame, lightweight build, and versatile core, this racket delivers power and precision.

Its teardrop shape ensures the perfect balance between control and power. Order today for a game changing padel experience!

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Designed in London, the Novor 361 RG is a power and control-oriented padel racket that is perfect for intermediate players. Its teardrop shape and 100% carbon fibre construction provide maximum control, while the medium/high balance gives you the power you need to smash your shots out the court. At 360 grams, the 361 RG is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making it a comfortable padel racket for long rallies. The ergonomic grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, and the vibration dampening system helps to reduce tennis elbow & arm fatigue.

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The Novor 361 RG racket is most suited to players of confident beginner and intermediate levels due to the forgiving sweet spot, soft EVA core & powerful carbon fibre surface.

The balance of the 361 RG is strategically positioned above the centre of the racket. This head heavy weight allows players to generate additional power on overhead shots such as the smash or the vibora.

Yes. The 361 RG is a perfect racket for players looking to gain an advantage over their competitors in tournaments utilising the precision, power & performance that Novor provide.

The 361 RG is carefully designed in London using a 100% carbon fibre frame & surface & a white EVA foam core (density 20), providing a unique dampening system for all year round weather conditions.

Weight ranges are subjective between players. Typically power heavy players prefer a heavier racket (360g-375g), whereas precision players prefer a lighter racket (350g-360g). Novor racket = 36og.

Yes. If you follow us on Instagram (@novor_padel), you will notice we sponsor tournaments every month across the UK where we provide racket demonstrations for everybody at the tournament. If you’re interested, we would love to see you there!

Yes. Our racket comes with an exclusive 361 RG padel racket case, free of charge with your new racket.

Our rackets are delivered 2-4 business days from purchase, and you pay no delivery fee!

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