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Carbon Fibre Padel Tennis Racket

Introducing the Novor carbon fibre padel tennis racket – AeroBlade for pre-order. Powerful, Balanced, and Comfortable! Elevate your padel tennis game with Novor!


Bringing your game to the next level, this racket is a perfect blend of innovation and understanding, crafted to surpass all your padel tennis racket expectations.


Padel Tennis Racket

Introducing the Novor Carbon Fibre Padel Tennis Racket – AeroBlade. Power, Control, and Performance Redefined!

  • Material: 100% carbon fibre frame for maximum durability, strength, and responsiveness.
  • Weight: Lightweight design at just 360 grams for effortless manoeuvrability and reduced fatigue.
  • Core: White EVA foam core (20) for optimised performance, offering flexibility, shock absorption, and a larger sweet spot.
  • Power and Control: Teardrop racket shape with a profile of 38mm, for a perfect balance between power and control