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Padel has finally reached London! After what feels like a lifetime compared to the rest of europe, padel, or padel tennis, settled in London … and it’s here to stay! Padel is currently the world’s fastest growing sport, played by over 25 millions players, across 110 countries (, 2023), so it was no doubt that padel London was going to join this trend. 

Padel is often referred to as a blend between tennis and squash due to its crossover characteristics with both popular sports. The interesting similarities and differences have created conversations which extend further than just the racket sports community … everybody is talking about padel!

With London hosting such a diverse culture, the transition of a foreign sport into London’s community has been seamless, encouraging everyone to get involved and enjoy the exciting sport of padel, no matter their experience.

At Novor, we are at the forefront of this transition! Leading UK padel, Novor are the first London born padel brand with the ambition to establish a proudly British presence in the global sport of padel.


Padel in London is constantly growing, attracting more and more players every single day!


Sustainability within Padel is a priority, ensuring its long term impact in London’s community.


Padel in London offers top quality facilities and Novor offers top quality padel rackets. 

Where to play: Padel London

If you’re looking to get into padel in London and want to try out some new spots for, here are the top 7 padel London destinations:

Rocket Padel, Ilford

Located in East London, Rocket Padel offers 11 indoor panoramic padel courts suitable for players of all levels. This brand new venue offers a unique environment for players of all levels with regular social events an active community. Whilst this list does not follow a particular order, this is our absolute favourite club in London!

Stratford Padel Club

Situated in the heart of London, Stratford Padel Club is a recently expanded, padel hotspot with multiple courts and coaching options. The club hosts regular high level tournaments and has fostered a passionate community thanks to the hard work of the Stratford Padel team.

Padium Canary Wharf Padel Club

In the centre of London’s financial district, Padium Canary Wharf Padel Club provides top quality facilities and a stunning venue. With both indoor and outdoor courts, it’s perfect for year round padel in London for an escape from the corporate world. Just make sure that you’re aware of the prices because it’s certainly not cheap!

The Padel Yard

One of London’s newest and coolest padel spots, The Padel Yard, offers 3 indoor courts and 3 outdoor courts where you can enjoy city views while playing padel in London. Based in Wandsworth, this facility provides a unique experience close to the city centre which has become super popular amongst young players.

Padel Social Club, Earls Court

Located in Earls Court, Padel Social Club has been another popular venue among padel players since its launch. Known for its strong community, it’s an excellent choice for those looking for outdoor courts and a social environment.

Rocks Lane Padel Tennis

Situated in Chiswick, Rocks Lane padel courts have been host to a large number of UK padel events already. With top quality courts and a great locations, this facility is an ideal spot for players of all skill levels.

As you explore these London padel courts, be sure to check their booking policies, membership options, and pricing to find the one that suits you best. Whilst padel is growing, and becoming more accessible in the UK, it is still notoriously expensive … especially in London. Be sure to equip yourself with a high quality, London born Novor padel racket to enhance your game and experience the buzz of padel in London.

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Novor Padel

Novor was founded in 2023 to serve the padel market with high quality rackets at an affordable price. The founders’ vision came from a problem they faced when they first started playing padel, and now they are London’s leading racket provider, sponsoring tournaments all across the UK. If you’re interested in joining the Novor community, shop for the 361 RG below!

Our Padel

Unleash your potential with the Novor 361 RG Carbon Fibre Padel Racket! With a durable carbon fibre frame, lightweight build, and versatile core, this racket promises enhanced power and precision.

Its teardrop shape ensures the perfect balance between control and power. Order today for a game changing padel experience!

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