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Round, Teardrop or Diamond: Which Padel Racket Should You Buy?

Round, Teardrop or Diamond: Which Padel Racket Should You Buy?


Choosing the right padel racket is a crucial decision that can significantly influence your game. Among the various racket shapes available, the round, teardrop, and diamond shapes stand out as popular choices. In this guide, we’ll explore the key differences between these shapes and help you navigate the decision making process.

Round Padel Rackets

Round shaped padel rackets are known for their versatility. The circular design provides a larger sweet spot, making it ideal for beginners who need a forgiving and controllable racket. The round shape promotes ease of handling, allowing players to execute shots with less effort. However, this shape may lack the power and control that more advanced players seek.

Teardrop Padel Rackets

Teardrop shaped rackets strike a balance between power and control. The tapered top offers a larger sweet spot than diamond shaped rackets, enhancing forgiveness on miss hits but increased power on shots from the sweet spot. The teardrop shape allows players to generate substantial power while maintaining precision. Novor’s Aeroblade, following the teardrop design, embodies this balance, providing players with a mix of power and control.

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Diamond Padel Rackets

Diamond shaped rackets are favoured by advanced players seeking maximum power. The wider top concentrates the weight toward the top of the racket, resulting in a more head heavy balance. This design enhances powerful shots but requires greater skill and technique to use effectively. For players with a well developed game, a diamond shaped racket can be a useful choice.

Impact on Playing Style

The shape of your padel racket massively influences your playing style. If you’re a beginner aiming for a forgiving racket that aids learning, a round shape might be suitable. Intermediate players often find the teardrop shape advantageous, striking a balance between power and control. Advanced players with refined skills may appreciate the precision and power offered by a diamond-shaped racket. That isn’t to say you have to stick to these guideless, as you can see lots of players in the competitions like The World Padel Tour using teardrop shaped rackets. 

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Drawbacks and Limitations

While each racket shape has its advantages, it’s essential to consider potential drawbacks. Round rackets may lack the power desired by advanced players, while diamond shaped rackets require a higher skill level to maximise their benefits, and provide less control. Teardrop shaped rackets, like Novor’s Aeroblade, offer a middle ground, but players should be aware of individual preferences and playing styles.

In the challenge to find the perfect padel racket, Novor’s Aeroblade emerges as a strong contender. With its teardrop shape, this racket combines the forgiveness needed by beginners with the power sought by intermediate and advanced players. The Aeroblade’s design reflects Novor’s commitment to providing a versatile racket that caters to players across various skill levels. 

As you navigate the world of padel racket shapes, consider your current skill level, playing style, and long-term goals. The right racket shape can enhance your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses, contributing to an overall improved performance on the padel court. Choose wisely, and let your padel racket become an extension of your game.

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Ryan Staveley

Managing Director