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We Sponsored a Tournament At The National Tennis Centre!

We Sponsored a Tournament At The National Tennis Centre!


We’re thrilled to share our most recent news about our first big milestone – we have officially sponsored our first padel tournament at the prestigious National Tennis Centre. It was a day packed with energy, excitement, and a showcase of what Novor stands for in the world of padel tennis.

Making Our Mark

Our debut as sponsors at the padel tournament marked a significant step forward in our journey at Novor. The atmosphere was exciting as we proudly displayed our brand and flagship padel racket, creating an interactive, standout experience that displayed our racket exactly how we would have liked.


The Tournament Experience

The tournament day comprised three exciting competitions – a ladies’ tournament in the morning, a mixed category midday, and a men’s event in the evening. As proud sponsors, we had the honour of awarding the winners and runners up from each category with vouchers to our online store, which they keenly used to get their hands on our premium padel racket.

Product Showcase

Luckily enough, our visitors had the opportunity to test our padel racket throughout the day thanks to an awesome product by Target Bound! Their product wall created a great opportunity for our visitors to test our racket and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing the power, control, and quality that our racket offers.

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Take a look at some of our feedback:

“I was really surprised about the power from the Novor racket, when it comes out the sweetspot you can really tell.”

“I had the opportunity to test a Novor racket. I was truly impressed by the quality, control, and power it offered.”

“I was surprised how well the surface gripped the ball when adding spin to my shots considering it is a gloss surface, really impressed and the price is an absolute steal!”

An Exciting Future

This tournament not only marked success for us but it also laid the foundation for future tournaments. David Segura, the founder of Padel London and organiser behind this fantastic tournament, orchestrated a great day despite the challenges posed by the freezing weather and a tight schedule. The day was filled with top notch padel action, delicious food, and great music – an event that everyone loved.

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Looking Ahead: 2024 and Beyond

This tournament was a huge success for us, securing pre-orders, developing our brand awareness and creating enjoyable content for our social media community, but most importantly establishing a relationship for the future with David Segura. We’re incredibly enthusiastic about our upcoming events lined up for 2024.

We invite you to join us on our journey as we gear up for an action packed year ahead. Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates on our future events. We’re committed to delivering excellence, and this tournament was just the beginning!

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Ryan Staveley

Managing Director