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Top 8 Random Padel Tennis Facts!

Top 8 Random Padel Tennis Facts!


Looking for some interesting padel tennis facts to tell your friends on court? Then look no further. This exciting and accessible sport is making strides in the racket sports world, and we’ve got eight random facts that highlight its growth and potential.

  1. Fastest Growing Sport in the UK & the World

In the UK and around the world, padel tennis is the fastest growing sport, capturing the hearts of players everywhere!

  1. Courts on the Rise

In 2023, the UK has 250 padel courts. While this may seem a lot, in comparison to countries like Spain, with over 20,000 courts, or France, Italy, Sweden, and Holland, each with thousands of courts. The UK’s 250 courts are just the start of its padel culture.

  1. An Open Market

Despite its incredible growth, padel tennis is still relatively untapped in many parts of the world. Especially in the UK which hosts 66 cities/ towns with populations exceeding 125,000 people, yet only 17 of them have local padel courts. This reflects a massive opportunity for the padel community to expand.

  1. A Global Sport

With over 25 million padel players across 80+ countries, this sport has truly gone global. Its rapid growth and accessibility mean that you can find a padel court wherever you are. It’s a testament to how quickly this sport has captured the hearts and rackets of players worldwide. Hopefully soon cementing its position in the Olympics.

  1. Outselling Tennis

Padel tennis is not just growing; it’s dominating the market. In 2022, padel tennis rackets outsold their tennis counterparts by more than double. Over 900,000 padel rackets were sold compared to 400,000 tennis rackets across Europe alone. It’s no wonder that in Spain, padel is now the second most popular sport, behind football.

  1. Celebrities Love Padel

Padel has become a favourite pastime for celebrities and professional athletes alike. Stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Lando Norris, Shakira and many more have all been spotted enjoying the game, contributing to its popular draw. When celebrities embrace a sport, you know it’s got something special.

  1. A Sport of Accessibility

One of padel’s standout qualities is its inclusivity. Unlike some other racket sports, padel is relatively easy to pick up, making it accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re an athlete or a complete beginner, padel welcomes all.

  1. A Thriving Tournament Scene

Padel is not just a casual sport; it’s a competitive one too. The sport boasts a thriving tournament scene, with professional events like the World Padel Tour attracting top players and growing audiences. Organisations like Padel London are contributing to the tournament scene with hard work within the London area, go and check them out if you haven’t already. 

We hope you have enjoyed these padel tennis facts! If you are looking to get involved in the padel community, start by equipping yourself with the best racket in the industry, the Aeroblade, and joining the Novor community, we would love to have you.


Geoff Fourie

Managing Director