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Padel Tennis: The Next Big Olympic Sport?

Padel Tennis: The Next Big Olympic Sport?


As the sporting world gears up for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, racket sports fans are left wondering, is padel going to be the next Olympic sport? Sadly, the answer is no for Paris, but the future’s looking lively. In this article, we’ll explore the details of padel’s journey to Olympic status and the challenges it faces.

The Path to Becoming An Olympic Sport

Entering the Olympics is no easy task for any sport. It involves a thorough set of criteria and a strong global presence. Let’s delve into the requirements that any sport must meet to even be considered for Olympic participation.

  1. The Official International Federation: The First Step to Recognition

To be considered for inclusion in the Olympics, a sport must have an official international federation. This governing body ensures the worldwide regulation and ethical practice of the sport. Padel has already ticked this box with the International Padel Federation (FIP). This checks the first step towards Olympic validation.

  1. Anti-Doping Compliance

Adhering to the World Anti-Doping Code is extremely important for Olympic recognition. Padel, under the governance of the FIP, strictly maintains high anti-doping standards. The sport’s commitment to a clean and fair playing field is essential if they are to reach Olympic status.

  1. Padel’s Competitive Edge: No Motor Equipment

Unlike some sports that rely on motorised equipment, padel’s appeal lies in its simplicity. All that’s needed are a ball, a racket, and the players. This eliminates concerns about motor driven aids, aligning padel with Olympic principles.

  1. Global Presence

Here lies the challenge for padel’s Olympic ambitions. The number of countries where padel is played is a pivotal criterion. Currently, padel falls short of its global status and therefore to secure its spot in the Olympics, padel must extend its global reach. Although the sport is well on its way, being the world’s fastest growing sport.

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When Will Padel Reach its Olympic Goal?

The Olympics in Paris, just 18 months away, and the selection process for Olympic sports typically occurs about seven years before the Games, making the 2024 event a miss. However, fans and enthusiasts can keep their hopes high for Brisbane 2032 which could be the stage for Padel’s Olympic debut.

Padel’s International Recognition: A Stepping Stone

The recognition of padel as an international sport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2019 is a promising sign for the future. It signifies that the sport is on the Olympic radar and could be the beginning of Padel’s eventual inclusion in the Olympics.

So, Join the Action

As players campaign to make padel an Olympic sport, why don’t you help to create momentum and get involved? Padel’s fast paced nature and competitive environment is the reason why it is growing so rapidly. Join the community with Novor and watch padel take its place in the Olympic scene.

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