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Padel Tennis’ Rise in the UK Sports Scene

Padel Tennis’ Rise in the UK Sports Scene


In the last 2 years, the UK’s sports scene has witnessed a huge surge in the popularity of padel tennis, an engaging and fast paced sport that has quickly become a favourite of all ages and backgrounds. Whilst the UK doesn’t have the 20,000 courts that Spain has, more and more are popping up across the UK bringing the total somewhere in the religion of 400-450 courts. This surge is not without reason, several factors have contributed to padel’s rapid rise, shaping it into a prominent trend in the world of sports.

The Easy Learning Curve

A key driver behind the surge in popularity of padel tennis is its simplicity. Padel’s rules are straightforward, making it an attractive choice for both novices and experienced players. Unlike tennis, you don’t need countless lessons to be able to play a competitive rally with your friends, just give it a go and see for yourself.


Padel is inherently fun, combining the best aspects of tennis and squash to deliver a unique playing experience. Longer rallies, fast paced action and the competitive nature make padel matches a joy for both players and spectators. Padel also brings a more stylish element to racket sports with visual racket designs being much more prominent in comparison to strung rackets. Players are even buying new rackets just to match their outfit colours!

Promoting Social Interaction

Played primarily in doubles, padel encourages teamwork and socialising. Novor has a mission to build a community and a social platform in padel, building a brand to follow, rather than just acting as a racket supplier. Most padel or tennis clubs have a bar where players typically enjoy a well deserved drink after their games and with padel being a 4 player game this is very popular! And bar tabs are going through the roof … 

Padel Tennis is Space Efficient

Padel’s small court size makes it ideal for urban settings where space is limited, you could build 3 padel courts for every 1 tennis court! More compact courts mean more opportunities for people to play, driving the sport’s expansion. For this reason new courts are popping up everywhere, even in the heart of London, Canary Wharf

Quality Equipment and Facilities

The increasing number of dedicated padel courts and clubs, equipped with modern facilities, has made the sport accessible to a wider audience, encouraging more people to embrace padel. But we will need more! The UK faces a challenge which Spain is less used to … rain! With the increase in demand for covered/ indoor courts, the investment for facilities is significantly more, which is why the UK growth is slower. But don’t worry, it’s coming. 

The availability of high quality padel rackets is also a contributing factor in the sports success. Novor are paving the way in the UK for high quality racket suppliers, prioritising power and control in their new padel tennis racket. Not many UK based companies are doing this, which is why Novor’s padel racket has become so sought after. 

Health and Wellbeing

Padel tennis is not just a sport, it’s a great way to stay active and healthy. The sport provides a dynamic workout, enhancing cardiovascular fitness, agility, and reflexes. Whilst you may not exert as much energy as you would on a tennis court, you will certainly work up a sweat. Plus is it way better on your bones & joints than other racket sports. 

Growing Media Attention and the Impact on Padel’s Popularity

As padel gains traction, more athletes and celebrities are embracing the sport, resulting in increased media coverage. This heightened visibility has introduced padel to a broader audience, inspiring newcomers to explore the sport for themselves. Almost all the formula one drivers, rugby players, football players and even professional tennis players are now playing padel in their spare time. Now that is saying something!

In summary, the rise of padel tennis in the UK sports scene owes much to its accessibility, social nature, compact playing area, quality equipment, health benefits, and growing media attention. So if you are yet to get involved give it a try today! Join our community here or even try out our padel racket! 


Ryan Staveley

Managing Director