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Mastering the Backhand in Padel: Top 8 tips

Mastering the Backhand in Padel: Top 8 tips


The backhand in padel tennis is a key element of your overall game. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, perfecting your backhand can significantly elevate your performance on the court. In this blog, we will explore effective strategies and drills to help you improve your backhand in padel.

Understanding the Backhand Basics

Before delving into specific drills, it’s essential to understand the fundamentals of the backhand. The backhand shot in padel involves using the non-dominant side of your body to strike the ball. A strong backhand requires a combination of proper grip, body positioning, and precise racket control.

Perfecting the Backhand Grip

The foundation of a powerful backhand starts with the right grip. The most consistent grip is the continental grip, where the base knuckle of your index finger rests on bevel 2 of the racket. This grip provides versatility for both forehand and backhand shots, allowing you to seamlessly transition between the two during a match.

Stance and Body Rotation

Achieving an effective backhand also relies on a balanced stance and proper body rotation. Begin with a shoulder-width stance, slightly bend your knees, and evenly distribute your weight on both feet. As you prepare for the backhand, rotate your upper body by turning your shoulders and hips away from the net. This rotation generates power and sets the stage for a controlled shot.


Backhand Drills to Improve Your Game

1. Wall Hits:
– Stand facing a wall and practice hitting the ball against it using your backhand. Focus on control and consistency, ensuring that each shot is accurate. This drill helps refine your ball placement and overall precision.

2. Cross-Court Rally:
– Partner up and engage in a cross-court rally, emphasising the use of your backhand. This drill not only improves your backhand consistency but also enhances your ability to control the ball during dynamic exchanges.

3. Backhand Volleys:
– Develop your touch and reflexes by practicing backhand volleys near the net with a partner. The goal is to maintain control and accuracy in close-quarter situations, a crucial skill in padel.

4. Target Practice:
– Set up targets on the court and aim to hit them consistently with your backhand. This drill sharpens your accuracy and challenges you to place the ball precisely where you intend to.

5. Deep Court Drills:
– Improve your ability to handle deep shots by having your partner hit balls to your backhand side. This drill enhances your footwork and helps you stay in control when dealing with shots that push you towards the back of the court.

In-Game Strategies

During actual matches, implementing specific strategies can further enhance your backhand proficiency:

1. Switching Sides:
– Practice switching between forehand and backhand shots swiftly. Vary the direction of shots to simulate real-game scenarios and improve your adaptability.

2. Lob Defense:
– Hone your defensive backhand skills by practicing against lobs. Work on positioning and executing defensive shots to handle high balls effectively.

3. Pressure Situations:
– Simulate pressure situations by starting rallies with your backhand. This will build confidence in relying on your backhand in crucial points.

Backhand Consistency

Improving your backhand in padel is an ongoing process that requires dedication and consistent practice. Remember to maintain a balance between precision and power in your backhand shots. Whether you’re working on specific drills or implementing strategies during matches, a consistent approach will lead to noticeable improvements over time.

Overall, unlocking the secrets to a formidable backhand in padel involves learning and perfecting the basics, incorporating targeted drills into your training, and applying strategic approaches during actual play. By making a conscious effort to practise your backhand, you’ll elevate your overall performance and enjoy a more well-rounded and competitive game of padel!


Geoff Fourie

Managing Director