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Top 5 Padel Tennis Drills For Beginners

Top 5 Padel Tennis Drills For Beginners


So, you’ve just started playing Padel tennis and you’ve got addicted like the rest of us, right? Well to help you build your personal game without the cost of coaching lessons and to reach that itch to beat your friends, take a look at these few padel drills you can try to take your game to the next level.

1. Padel Tennis Forehand and Backhand Groundstroke Drill

This drill focuses on developing accuracy and consistency in your forehand and backhand groundstrokes. 

  • Stand at the baseline with a partner on the opposite side of the net. Your partner feeds balls to your forehand and backhand sides alternately. Focus on starting the padel from a lower position in your backswing instead of like conventional tennis. A lot of players make this mistake transitioning from one sport to the other and will often hit/smash the ball into the net. Strike through the ball ensuring you have a full follow through on your swing.
  • Start with slow-paced shots, allowing you to practise your footwork, timing and technique. As you become more comfortable, gradually increase the pace and intensity of the rally. 

Key things to remember:

Padel tennis is very different to normal tennis when it comes to the swing of the racket. Focus on maintaining a balanced stance, using proper grip, and following through on your shots. This drill helps you build muscle memory and control over your groundstrokes.

2. Volley and Net Positioning Exercise

Enhance your padel tennis net play and positioning with this drill.

  • Stand at the net with your partner on the other side. Your partner hits balls to different areas of your side of the court, simulating volleys during a game. 
  • Focus on keeping your racket up, using a compact swing, and moving your feet to intercept the ball. As you practise, work on reading your opponent’s shots and adjusting your positioning accordingly. 

Key things to remember:

This drill helps improve your reflexes, touch, and ability to control the net.

padel tennis serve

3. Serve and Return Practice

This drill hones your serving and return skills, essential components of padel tennis. 

  • Begin by practising your serve. Aim for consistent placement by targeting different areas of the service box, using an underhand motion. 
  • After serving, quickly transition to a ready position to anticipate the return. Your partner returns the serve, and you focus on positioning yourself to hit the next shot. 

Key things to remember:

Pay attention to your footwork, timing, and placement during returns. This drill helps you develop a reliable serve and the ability to handle different return shots. You will notice the effects of practising this drill as you’ll be able to deal with harsher opponents serves and set yourself up for a strong position in the rally and improve your overall padel tennis game.

4. Lob and Overhead Shot Training

Elevate your shot arsenal by practising lobs and overhead shots. 

  • Start by working on lobs. Your partner hits high balls to various spots on your side of the court. As the ball comes down, time your swing to hit a controlled lob back over the net. 
  • Focus on generating height and depth with your shots. Once you’ve mastered lobs, transition to practising overhead smashes. 
  • Your partner hits high balls, and you practise smashing them downward with power and accuracy. This drill enhances your ability to handle high balls effectively, adding versatility to your game.
5. Doubles Strategy and Communication Drill

Doubles play is a significant aspect of padel tennis. Engage in this drill with a partner to improve your teamwork and communication. Start by practising court coverage and movement. 

  • Work on switching positions smoothly during points and communicating clearly with your partner. 
  • Focus on anticipating each other’s movements and shots to cover the court efficiently. As you practise, adapt your strategy based on each player’s strengths and weaknesses. 

This drill helps you develop a strong partnership and prepares you for competitive doubles matches.


Geoff Fourie

Managing Director