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Unleash your potential with the Novor 361 RG Carbon Fibre Padel Racket! London's first padel racket! With a durable carbon fibre frame, lightweight build, and versatile core, this racket delivers power and precision.

Its teardrop shape ensures the perfect balance between control and power. Order today for a game changing padel experience!

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Maximize your power potential with Novor’s 361 RG padel racket.


Bring your padel game to the next level utilising accuracy and precision!


Let your racket elevate your confidence and performance on and off the court. 

Racket Specifications

Designed in London, the Novor 361 RG is a power and control-oriented padel racket that is perfect for intermediate players. 

Weight Balance

Our unique weight distribution, rarely found in rackets at our price point, offers optimal power for smash players. With a medium/high balance our racket is carefully designed to elevate your performance on the court.

novor padel racket specs

Experience the Novor 361 RG, meticulously crafted for optimal performance on the padel court. At a weight of 360g, it offers the perfect balance of power and control, suitable for all players. Our innovative vibration dampening system ensures minimal noise and vibrations on your arms and elbows, reducing injuries. Our ergonomic grip provides exceptional comfort during your game.

Carbon Fibre

Crafted with carbon fibre, Novor’s 361 RG delivers high quality performance and durability. Unlike fiberglass rackets, our carbon fibre offers a superior strength to weight ratio, providing players with power, control and longevity from their padel racket.