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Padel, the world’s fastest growing sport has finally reached Glasgow! The highly anticipated, fast paced, sport of padel, or padel tennis, has been making waves across the UK, particularly in Bristol & London, and finally Glasgow … and it’s here to stay! Played across 110 countries, with over 25 million players (, 2023), the padel trend is no fad, and it is working its way into our culture everyday. 

Often described as a blend of tennis and squash, padel has become hugely popular due to its crossover of characteristics and its easy learning curve – untraditional of a racket sport! Its inclusivity and social benefits have also created interactions in games which go further than just the court … everybody wants to know about padel.

With Glasgow being a home to such a diverse range of people, the transition of padel Glasgow has been seamless in the community. 

At Novor, we are encouraging everyone to get involved and enjoy this exciting new game to join us in developing the UK padel scene, and jumping into Padel!


Padel Glasgow is constantly growing, attracting more and more players every single day!


Sustainability within Padel is a priority, ensuring its long term impact in Glasgow’s community.


Padel Glasgow offers top quality facilities and Novor offers top quality padel rackets. 

Where to play: Padel London

Here are a couple of our favourite venues to in Glasgow:

Golf IT – Game4Padel

Coming soon – Lethamhill R&A Golf – Game4Padel

Whilst these are just a couple of our favourites, Glasgow is lucky enough to have obtained planning permission for many more venues which will be coming very soon. Please contact us with your favourite padel Glasgow venues, we would love to hear!

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Novor Padel

Novor was founded in 2023 to serve the padel market with high quality rackets at an affordable price. The founders’ vision came from a problem they faced when they first started playing padel, and now they are London’s leading racket provider, sponsoring tournaments all across the UK. If you’re interested in joining the Novor community, shop for the 361 RG below!

Our Padel

Unleash your potential with the Novor 361 RG Carbon Fibre Padel Racket! With a durable carbon fibre frame, lightweight build, and versatile core, this racket promises enhanced power and precision.

Its teardrop shape ensures the perfect balance between control and power. Order today for a game changing padel experience!

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