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Padel Coaching: The Top 10 Padel Coaching Tips

Padel coaching

This blog will go over the top 10 padel coaching tips. What is padel? Padel, a fast-paced and exhilarating sport, has been gaining immense popularity worldwide. With its blend of tennis and squash elements, it offers a unique experience for players of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner who is eager to learn the ropes, […]

Padel Bristol: The Top 4 Padel Courts You Must Visit!

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Are you living in or around Bristol? Have you heard of the padel craze and are you eager to give it a try? How significant is padel in Bristol, and can I play there? Absolutely! Bristol showcases a vibrant padel scene, boasting several top class courts across the city. Whether you’re a curious beginner or […]

Unlocking the Excitement: Glasgow Padel Begins As New Courts Open Up!


Glasgow Padel is now upon us! Glasgow, a city renowned for its vibrant culture and sporting fervour, has taken a significant leap forward in the realm of racket sports with the inauguration of its first padel courts backed by Andy Murray! This groundbreaking development marks a thrilling new chapter in Glasgow’s sporting landscape, offering enthusiasts […]

Padel Bats or Padel Rackets: Unravelling the Misconception

padel bat

Interested in the world of padel bats, or should we say, padel rackets? Join us as we uncover the origins of this terminology confusion and explore its impact on the growth of padel across the UK. Let’s set the record straight and shed light on the truth behind this common misconception. Origin of the Term […]

Squash to Padel: The Top 7 Transferable Skills


Many Padel players are known to have have integrated from other racket sports such as tennis and squash. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the transferrable skills between squash and padel and how they can benefit a player in their game. While each sport has its unique characteristics, players of […]

What is a Padel Racket Made Of?


“What is a padel racket made of?” Let’s uncover the materials that shape your game and how they cater to different playing styles and levels. Common Materials in Padel Rackets What is a padel racket made of? A racket is typically constructed from materials like carbon fibre, fibreglass, EVA foam, and sometimes more innovative materials […]

How ITV’s Coverage of the Hexagon Cup is Set to Elevate Padel in the UK

itv hexagon cup

Exciting times are ahead for padel tennis in the UK, and we at Novor are thrilled to bring you the latest insight. ITV’s recent announcement to broadcast the Hexagon Cup marks a significant milestone for the sport in the UK. Let’s dive into how this development is set to revolutionise padel in the UK. Impact […]

Mastering the Backhand in Padel: Top 8 tips


The backhand in padel tennis is a key element of your overall game. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, perfecting your backhand can significantly elevate your performance on the court. In this blog, we will explore effective strategies and drills to help you improve your backhand in padel. Understanding the Backhand Basics Before […]

Novor Partner with Padel District to Fuel the Growth of Padel Across the UK

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Novor and Padel District: A New Era in Padel Events 22/01/24 – Novor, a rapidly developing brand specialising in premium padel rackets, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Padel District, an esteemed events company in the world of padel. Padel District has earned a reputation for organising diverse padel events, […]

Bristol Padel Fever: The Hottest Sport in the West

bristol padel

In recent years, Bristol padel has witnessed an astonishing rise in the popularity of padel, a dynamic racket sport that combines elements of tennis and squash. This surge in enthusiasm has positioned Bristol as a buzzing hub for padel enthusiasts, attracting players from all over the region. But what’s driving this Bristol padel fever? The […]